The company REVELIN DIEGO SRL with its headquarters in Isola Vicentina (VI) Via Europa 45 is a manufacturer of advanced machines since a long time. In detail it manufactures the flattening machine (in three versions) to finish any type of coat, concrete, plaster.

The flattening machine has been designed since more than 20 years by the COMPANY REVELIN which has been able to sell everywhere its products as: coating machines, pressure joint machines, rotors and stators, vibrating striking machines.
Via Europa n. 45 36033 ISOLA VICENTINA (VI)
Codice Fiscale/Partita IVA n. 03669740247
Registro imprese di Vicenza n. 0366740247
Rea n. 344041
Capitale sociale euro 100.000,00 i.v.