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PLASTER SPRAYER SACCO-SILOS ST4 380 Volt - Closed version
For dry premixed

Techical Sheet
Three-phase electronic feeding 380/400 W
Power absorbed service 7 Kw
Pump capacity from 5 to 30 lt/min
Maximum pump pression 30 bar
Maximum pipe lenght 40 mt
Air compressor pressure 3,5 bar
Air compressor capacity 250 lt/min
Water pressure required 3 bar

 15 mt. pipe
 20 mt. 380 volt cable
 20 mt. water pipe
 Cleaning accessories
 Double-ended wrench kit
 Material gun
 Cap for silos (7)

All the hydraulic and electric components are protected from galvanized removable panelling.

(1) Safety support
(2) Opening guard
(4) Electric part's removable
(5) Long pitch fixing bars
(6) Oversized flange for motor's best work in axle

Via Europa n. 45 36033 ISOLA VICENTINA (VI)
Codice Fiscale/Partita IVA n. 03669740247
Registro imprese di Vicenza n. 0366740247
Rea n. 344041
Capitale sociale euro 100.000,00 i.v.