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REV-4 ECO 48

Direct current, single phase electric plastering machine REV 4 suited to be used on rough and fine plaster. International patent on the most characteristic components.

The possibility of plastering the ceilings with the patented support yields manually unattainable productive characteristics. If properly used by an expert, REV 4 can plaster a surface of 50 sq m/h.

Fine plaster: 60 sq m/h
"Schratched" plaster: 60 sq m/h
Rough plaster: 50 sq m/h
Pre-mixed products: 50 sq m/h
Scraping and fine sanding of paints in general: 40 sq m/h

The accessories for the scraping and fine sanding of paints in general will be supplied on demand. REV 4 can be adapted to any type of wall. Attention: the rotation transmitted by the gear motor to the disk has been studied and patented in such a way as to permit the highest productivity with the lowest rate of bearing downs. The direction of rotation permits a remarkable decrease in the weight of the unit in contact with the plaster.
Via Europa n. 45 36033 ISOLA VICENTINA (VI)
Codice Fiscale/Partita IVA n. 03669740247
Registro imprese di Vicenza n. 0366740247
Rea n. 344041
Capitale sociale euro 100.000,00 i.v.