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The mixers of the PLATONE range have been designed for mixing half-dry materials, having above all a different specific weight. It’s well known that components of different origins of which materials are made are not homogeneous, and can therefore suffer some variations during the mixing process, or a partial sedimentation during the material’s loading phase into the machine. This problem has been sol- ved by a rotational mixing on the axle, or in the opposite rotational sense, since the spiral takes the material from the bottom and conveys it higher and vice-versa, by simultaneously inverting its rota- tion. Thanks to this solution, it’s then possible to process elements like polystyrene, foamed clay in small balls and other light materials directly by the building yard. Specially recommended in the sand or half-dry cement mixtures, it provides a two wheelbarrows in a minute yield.
 Width  70 cm
 Length  70 cm
 Height  120 cm
 Weight  125 Kg
Via Europa n. 45 36033 ISOLA VICENTINA (VI)
Codice Fiscale/Partita IVA n. 03669740247
Registro imprese di Vicenza n. 0366740247
Rea n. 344041
Capitale sociale euro 100.000,00 i.v.