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Mod. MINI TORNADO 220 Volt

Continuous cycle mixer for dry mortar in bag.

Available version with water pomp.

Available version strengthened for material particularly heavy.
 Tot Kg 82
 Tot length 124 cm
 Height 100 cm
 Width 65 cm
  Monophase electric motor 2,2 Kw
 20 lt. according to the kind of material
 Tank capacity lt 80
Belt drive to avoid violent starts on mechanical parts strongly subjected to stard and stop
 - From the foundation to the boiacca
 - Version available trifase only on application
 For any type of mortar in sack
 For any type of mortar for foundation in sack
 For any type of mortar in sack for masonry
 For any type of mortar in sack for plastering
Via Europa n. 45 36033 ISOLA VICENTINA (VI)
Codice Fiscale/Partita IVA n. 03669740247
Registro imprese di Vicenza n. 0366740247
Rea n. 344041
Capitale sociale euro 100.000,00 i.v.